Flames owner fires back at relocation rumors!

Relocation, sale, legal war with the NHL? What is next!?

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The Carolina Hurricanes were finally able to complete a purchase agreement this week, while several hockey fans in Western Canada continue to worry about what is happening or could happen to their beloved Calgary Flames

On top of that, several media are talking about Seattle getting approved for an arena and added speculation that the Flames could relocate. 

While Flames ownership has said there haven’t been conversations with them and the city and that they are not communicating as of right now, Murray Edwards remains adamant about his team's stance on the situation. 

The Flames are making sure everyone knows they are not for sale. 

Fans should hold on to the thought that the ownership group is fighting for the Flames to remain in Calgary. Hopefully, the ongoing expansion and relocation talks in the NHL will force a meeting between both parties to fix this once and for all.