Flames’ Treliving adresses Gaudreau rumors

They wouldn't actually trade this guy, would they?!

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When Calgary Flames superstar Johnny Gaudreau dropped a bombshell on  Philadelphia’s SportsRadio 94WIP and admitted that he’d eventually like to play for the Philadelphia Flyers at some point in his career, Calgary Flames fans collectively gasped. 

“Yeah, it’d be sweet,” said Gaudreau candidly when asked if he’d ever consider playing for the Flyers. “… it would be sweet to play here someday. You never know in sports. But a lot of support back here in South Jersey and the Philly area. They follow me pretty well.”

That’s a bold admission from Gaudreau, but Flames GM Brad Treliving doesn’t seem concerned. In fact, Treliving had the perfect response when discussing matters with  Rob  Kerr of Calgary’s Sportsnet 960:

“I’d encourage everybody to get a nice book, a nice hobby, go for a nice walk – the weather has been beautiful in Calgary – and we will be back to playing games soon enough where there’ll be real stories to cover,”  
“There’s nothing here that concerns us at all. I know I spoke to Johnny the other day. He was out a week or so ago and did some things here in Calgary. He’s anxious to get going. He’s excited about the upcoming season. And I know he loves living and playing in Calgary.”

Well there you have it. Nothing to see here, folks. Smart move by Treliving, as news like this has the potential to get out of hand and cause some unrest amongst a team’s fanbase. By addressing things head on rather than offering up a token “no comment”, Treliving has effectively shut down any possible negative side effects of what are frankly just harmless comments.

Sorry, Flyers fans. Dream on.