Fleury's agent levels brutal accusations at Peter DeBoer.

Major drama in Las Vegas.

Fleury's agent levels brutal accusations at Peter DeBoer.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are about to enter the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs but today no one will be talking about their upcoming series against the Vancouver Canucks today thanks to a recent post on social media.

In a shocking move Allan Walsh, the man who represents star goaltender Marc Andre Fleury as his agent, has published a picture on social media that has left hockey fans around the world completely stunned. The picture shows his client, Fleury, presumably in the process of making a save but with a gigantic sword sticking into his back,going clean through his body and coming out on the other side after having impaled Fleury. As if that was not graphic enough on its own, the tip of the sword is seen dripping with Fleury's blood after having stabbed the Golden Knights goaltender. The image is obviously meant to invoke the image of Fleury being stabbed in the back and Walsh does a great job of letting us know exactly who he is leveling the accusations against. 

No doubt Walsh believes the Golden Knights are in some way complicit here, but in the image that he sent out on social media there is a name written on the sword "DeBoer." There is no mistaking who Walsh is talking about here with the Golden Knights head coach being named Peter DeBoer, any attempt to suggest this is a mere coincidence would be laughable. 

The anger here from Walsh has to come from the fact that goaltender Robin Lehner has usurped Fleury as the team's number one goaltender, at least that would be my speculation based on the image that Walsh tweeted out. It makes you wonder, would an agent ever be comfortable enough to send out something so graphic to the public without having consulted with his client first? Does this reflect the way that Fleury himself currently feels about the Golden Knights goaltending situation? These are questions that the Golden Knights themselves will no doubt have on their minds after seeing this.

I don't know what to make of this, but there's no doubt in my mind that there is a big problem in the Golden Knights locker room. 

Here is the image: