Flyers lose one of their top forwards, possibily for the long-term.

Initial reports are not good for Philadelphia.

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The Philadelphia Flyers may have suffered a devastating loss in the very first game of their postseason. It's still unclear at this time just how badly injured forward Sean Couturier is, but the initial reports certainly don't sound promising.

Couturier was knocked out of Thursday night's Game 1 between the Flyers and Washington Capitals when Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin delivered a punishing hit to Couturier who was slow to get up. It was when he did rise to his feet that it became clear something was wrong, and it was also very clear that Couturier appeared to be favoring one arm.

Although this is purely speculation at this point, my first thought upon seeing the play and Couturier's reaction was some kind of separated shoulder, or even worse, a broken collarbone. The closest thing we have to an official update we have at this time is a report from Flyers' insider Sam Carchidi who believes the injury could be long-term.