Former WWE star CM Punk calls out Blackhawks fans.

Punk is tired of the bandwagon jumpers.

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Former WWE star Phil Brooks, better known by his stage name CM Punk, is a big, big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks given that he himself was born in the windy city. You can often see Brooks tweeting about the sport of hockey, and most often about his Blackhawks, and every once in a while you can even catch him offering comment on the sport during radio interviews. 

Brooks gave one such interview over the weekend when he was a guest on SiriusXM Satellite radio and it was during that interview that he made comments critical of the Chicago Blackhawks fan base. Now to be clear Brooks was not calling out the Blackhawks fan base as a whole, but instead as you will see from his comments, was targeting a very specific segment of that fan base. 

Brooks was asked about the now infamous letter published by the Blackhawks organization, one that many believe came as a direct response to comments made by captain Jonathan Toews that were critical of the team's current direction, and although it sounded initially like Brooks was going to be critical of the team as well, he actually directed his ire at the fans. 

"I think it is a strange thing when any sports organization feels the need to release some sort of a statement saying that they are going to rebuild but, I think the writing was on the wall right," said Brooks. "I think Blackhawks fans are pretty vocal, they make a lot of noise, so if anything that was probably meant to appease some of the noisier fans, even though I don't really think you can make them all happy. If they release a statement, they are mad, if they don't release a statement, they are mad. Nobody hates the Blackhawks more than Blackhawks fans, especially the fans that jumped on that bandwagon right around the time Stan Bowman became the general manager."

I think what Brooks is saying here is that the team shouldn't feel the pressure to release a statement at all. If anything it sounds like he expects educated fans to be aware of the fact that the team is not at the level it needs to be if it intends to once again compete for a championship. Most of all though it was clear that he was calling out the fair weather fans who were behind the team during their trio of recent championships, fans that in some cases have been quick to turn their back on the team.