Four time Stanley Cup winner Darren McCarty will make his Pro Wrestling debut next month!

Let's get ready to rumble!


Longtime Detroit Red Wings forward Darren McCarty will make his professional wrestling debut next month when he takes on Brandon Kirk at ICW No Holds Barred: Deathmatch Circus '21 in Fenton, Michigan on Friday, October 1st.

Check it out:

To be perfectly frank, I had NO idea that McCarty was into the pro wrestling scene, but it absolutely makes sense. If there's any former NHLer I could see in the squared circle it would be McCarty. Maybe Sean Avery as some sort of super heel... but McCarty makes sense too. He's a larger than life character who carved out an entire NHL career by using his body like a battering ram. I'll admit that I haven't watched pro wrestling in a long, long, loooong time but I might actually tune into to watch McCarty go full grinder mode and treat this Brandon Kirk guy like he's 2021's version of Claude Lemeiux.