Goalie Domingue tells fans what to do if they want to see sports again this year!

Are Americans going to listen to him?

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Fans are getting bored without sports and it seems like the one thing they need to do makes them even more bored - if that’s possible! 

In Canada, for now, the spreading of the coronavirus seems to be under control, while in the United States, that’s a whole another story. 

This prompted Vancouver Canucks goalie Louis Domingue to tell American fans what they need to do to see sports again this year on social media. 

“What are the United States waiting for to order everyone to quarantine? You want to see some sports again this year? Just stay home.”

Domingue added that he knows how hard this can be, but how necessary it is for players and fans to be able to return to an arena to see some NHL action. 

"Guys I know that being quarantined is going to be hard for small businesses or any businesses for that matter and you might get bored or get on each other’s nerve in the house but this is the only way we can put an end to this. We are all counting on each other."

Are you quarantine?