Golden Knights GM reveals he is receiving a lot of trade offers.

A lot of moves expected in the next several days.

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are about to enter a hugely important period in their franchises development, but it sounds like several rival general managers are already blowing up the phone. 

Golden Knights general manager George McPhee recently spoke to and admitted openly that he had received a number of calls in the recent days, and expected the trend to continue.

"There's been a lot of discussion in the past few days and I think it's going to be pretty steady from here on out," McPhee said as per "Several GMs have tried to make appointments to get together at the [NHL Scouting] Combine next week, so we'll certainly do that."

While most would expect the trades made by Vegas to focus on building towards the future, it sounds like the Golden Knights have something much different in mind for their entry to the National Hockey League.

"It can be whatever works for both parties, because we're going to need a little bit of everything," McPhee said. "We're going to need good veterans. We're going to need some youth. We're going to need some draft picks. We'll need speed, skill, size. And until we see the entire universe of what's available, it's really hard to know exactly what way we'll go. But so far it feels like it's going to be a little bit of everything."

While many pundits have predicted that this will be one of the busiest periods in recent memory, to hear it from the GM of the team expected to be connected to most of these rumored deals really cements it.

"It's going to be busy, there's no doubt about that," McPhee said.