Golden Knights release “Home Alone” parody starring Jonathan Marchessault.

Golden Knights seem to have forgotten something... or someone.

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The holiday season is in full swing and that means that the holiday themed parodies from teams in the National Hockey League are not too far behind. There may have been some already in fact but this is the first high quality parody that I have seen this season.

Earlier this week the Las Vegas Golden Knights were promoting their holiday game packs and in an effort to garner a little extra attention for the promotion they also released a rather amusing parody video featuring none other than Golden Knights star forward Jonathan Marchessault. Marchessault was starring as himself in the parody but he was clearly meant to reprise the role of one Macaulay Culkin from the "Home Alone" series of movies. 

Marchessault took the place of Kevin McCallister, the name of the boy in the original film who is forgotten by his family, when he awoke in the Las Vegas Golden Knights training facility only to find that he had been completely abandoned by his team. Throughout the video Marchessault recreates several iconic moments from the movie franchise, although if you were hoping to see any of the other Golden Knights getting caught in any of the booby traps that the film series is infamous for this video is going to disappoint. Instead it focuses on the more tame moments in the series, likely for the sake of both the production costs behind this video as well as for the sake of the players that would have potentially been involved.