Good Guy Alert: Marner donates time and money for rink renovations in Fort Hope, Ontario

A true role model. Well done, Mitchell.

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Toronto Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner has been busy off the ice this past week. Training? Contract negotiations? Nope, neither… the 21 year old Markham, Ontario native has been busy donating his time and money to local minor hockey associations. 

Marner partnered with TRUEhockey to provide an entire team with the brand new TRUE 2019 XC9 AC hockey stick:

Even more impressive, Marner started a campaign to help the Rez Girls 64 hockey team in Port Hope, Ontario raise money to renovate and improve their local rink through his Marner Assist Fund charity.

Now that Marner has built a name for himself at the NHL level he’s taking things to the next step as he’s not just setting up his teammates for success, but young aspiring hockey players, as well. Through the Marner Assist Fund, the Markham, Ontario native is helping the Rez Girls 64 hockey team raise money to renovate and improve their local rink.

The girls and their parents began a GoFundMe three months ago in the hopes of raising $90,000 for renovations, but they had stalled out at an incredible $64,000 through donations from almost 700 people. With Marner’s support, there’s a real chance they’ll hit their goal, as he has donated $5000 to the effort.

How awesome is that!? Good on you, Mitch for helping out those in need in your community. Every child has the right to play sports, regardless of circumstances.