Grabner publishes gruesome photo of his eye from the hospital.

Horrific looking injury.

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Apparently this is one horrific looking injury that turned out to be as bad, and perhaps even worse, than it looked at the time on the ice.

On Saturday night the Arizona Coyotes were taking on the St. Louis Blues and it was during that game that a terrifying incident took place involving St. Louis Blues rookie forward Sammy Blais and well established National Hockey League veteran Michael Grabner. At one point during the game both men were battling along the boards for puck possession when Blais lost control of his stick and appeared to strike Grabner directly in the eye with the blade of that same stick.

Watching it unfold in slow motion was particularly sickening due to the fact that you can see the curve of the blade strike him directly in the eyeball and there was serious concern about Grabner's health after he left the game. The Coyotes would later announced that the 31 year old had been rushed to a local hospital and as a result would not return to the game, but outside of that update we were largely in the dark regarding the severity of Grabner's injury. 

Well now we have another update from the Coyotes and to be honest it sounds like things are pretty bad, with Grabner now expected to miss significant time as a result of the injury. According to an official update from the Coyotes organization Grabner has now been ruled out of play "indefinitely" as a result of this injury and will be out for as long as it takes him to recover. Given that we don't have more details about the specific nature of the injury it's hard to gauge how long he might be out and the Coyotes have not so much as hinted as how long this one may keep him out of their line up for. 

That being said though we do know what the aftermath of the injury looks like thanks to Grabner himself, who took to social media and shared a rather gruesome photo of the after effects of that injury. Grabner took to instagram and shared the photo that you can see below, and needless to say it's pretty nasty stuff.