Gretzky weighs in on McDavid vs Crosby

Who's the best player right now? 87 or 97?

Gretzky weighs in on McDavid vs Crosby

Connor McDavid, currently the NHL leader in points, has been compared to Sidney Crosby since his junior year with the Erie Otters and it's still up the air; who's the best player in the NHL right now?

According to Wayne Gretzky, it's still the Pittsburgh Penguins captain.

"Sid is still the best player in hockey. That's a mantle you earn over time," Gretzky told Craig Custance of ESPN.

Sidney Crosby is playing his 12th season in the NHL, won 2 olympic gold medals and 2 Stanley Cups while Connor McDavid haven't played 82 games in his NHL career yet. That does it for the Great One.

"Is Connor a great player? Absolutely. Does Connor have an opportunity to be the next Crosby? Absolutely! Right now, Sidney deserves to be known as the best player in the game. He's been the best player consistently in his career. He's won Stanley Cups and he's won gold medals. Until somebody takes that mantle away from him, he's still going to hold the crown." Gretzky said.

Hopefully for the Oilers' fans, Connor McDavid will do as Crosby did and bring the Stanley Cup back in Edmonton.