Gudbranson attempts to downplay his threats after increased scrutiny from the NHL.

The National Hockey League is clearly all over him.

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The National Hockey League has reportedly been on high alert since the comments made by Vancouver Canucks defenseman Erik Gudbranson towards Toronto Maple Leafs forward Matt Martin, and now Gudbranson is trying to downplay his comments.

“That was kind of a spur of the moment,” Gudbranson said as per NBC Sports. “I was walking to the dressing room. I was just frustrated. That was a tough night. Do I mean anything I said? Absolutely not. That’s outrageous. That’s just kind of a fit of rage. Unfortunately, it got blown up to that proportion.”

For those who missed it what Gudbranson said was"Matt Martin is dead," and while Gudbranson's explanation regarding the comments seems both likely and sincere, it's understandable why the NHL feels the need to take them very seriously. 

As a result there will be a number of extra measures taken ahead of Saturday's game between the two sides to avoid any over the top incidents on the ice. Especially between Gudbranson and Martin.