Hawks coach reveal two important strategic secrets.

It makes so much sense.

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The Blackhawks started the year a bit slower than expected, but these days they run the NHL like there was no tomorrow. At their pace, it wouldn't be surprising to see them reach the Cup final, at least. The Western conference had some amazing powerhouses, but with the Wild and the Sharks falling apart and the Stars going nowhere, not many are left to stand up against the Chicago's gang. 

Anyhow, such a successful team attracts a lot of attention. What are they doing differently that other teams don't? A part of the answer lies in this simple fact reported by a team insider. 

So the secret might be to practice less, not more! 

Another important nugget of information about coach Quenneville strategy was revealed today. With the Wild and the Sharks becoming non-factors, the temptation would be to step off the gas and give days off to your key players. Doing so, you would expect them to heal injuries, get some rest and have them ready for the playoffs grind. However, Coach Q sees things differently. 

So what's the secret? Work hard when it counts, but take it easy between games. It actually makes a lot of sense!