Hawks to take NHL captain away from his team

While his preference is to stay put, the Hawks might have an offer he can’t refuse…

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The New York Islanders recently re-signed Jordan Eberle to a five-year contract, and while that was great news for the team, it wasn’t for captain Anders Lee, who is looking for a huge payday this summer. 

After four seasons with a $3.75 million cap hit, he will be looking to get rewarded for his points production and while keeping the captain in town is a priority for the Isles, they might struggle to do just that, especially since chatter keeps growing from Chicago that the Blackhawks might make him an interesting offer during the free-agent market. 

The Islanders will have to consider giving Lee what he wants or else they might lose him to the Hawks. The fanbase would be devastated to lose the team’s captain to free agency for two straight seasons. Remember John Tavares? 


According to Cap Friendly, the Islanders have a little over $22 million in cap space, but they have six UFAs and two RFAs to deal with. However, we all know Lee would be worth keeping. 

The 28-year-old winger is in the prime of his career and deserves to be paid to his potential. For once, the Blackhawks have room to acquire such a player and might have a better offer than the Isles’ to tip the scale and take away their captain. 

Last season, Lee recorded 28 goals and collected 40 the previous season. Rumours pointed out that Lee is looking to get maximal term on his new deal and the Islanders aren’t willing to give him that. 

Lee could therefore get it with the Blackhawks. We will keep you posted.