Hayley Wickenheiser stops young fan from attempting suicide on social media

​A true hero.

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Professional athletes have been so much more open about talking about mental health and it’s great to see when they have an impact on young fans and folks struggling with depression and mental illness. 

However on Tuesday, things got pretty scary for Hockey Hall of Famer Hayley Wickenheiser when a fan named Kay wrote what she said was her “last poem” as she posted a tweet about her last day on earth and tagged Wickenheiser and other people. 

Wickenheiser quickly looked for Kay and told her to remain safe and she was attempting to reach her. 

“This is very concerning, Kay, please do not harm yourself. Reply to me and I will find you some help."

Finally later on Tueaday, Wickenheiser revealed that she finally got in touch with Kay and is looking at getting her options to get better. 

“I have spoken with Kay and we will work on getting her some help moving forwards. She is safe as of right now.”

We are glad to hear that Kay is safe and that Wickenheiser has been able to help her through this tough process of dealing with depression. 

Earlier this month, Wickenheiser was inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame, joining three-time Stanley Cup winner Guy Carbonneau, offensive blue-line dynamo Sergei Zubov and Czech great Vaclav Nedomansky in the players category.

After retiring back in January 2017, the quadruple Olympic gold medallist and seven-time world champion quickly transitioned to medical school.

And today, she saved a life.