Head Coach Joel Quenneville criticized openly an NHL rule!

A modification to the rule book is needed according to Coach Q.

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Head Coach Joel Quenneville criticized openly an NHL rule.

The parity in the NHL makes every single point even more important than it was before. When the NHL brought up the shootout, they wanted to increase the quality of the show and make it more appealing for the fans. They also decided to give one point to the losing team which is not making consensus among the NHL head coaches.

As a matter of fact, the Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville criticized the "loser point" rule openly in the Chicago Sun by saying he prefers to play not to lose to save a point : 

"He doesn’t call it “playing for overtime,” but calls it “being smart.” He insisted the Hawks don’t change their style of play based on period or conference alignment, but the cautious third-period performances speak for themselves.

With our team, sometimes you find yourself in those last 10-15 minutes of games in the third period, you’re tied or you’re down a goal or you’re up a goal, I think you want to make sure you’re getting one point in those games, right?” Hawks winger Patrick Kane said. “Then see what happens in overtime. We have some guys that can perform well in overtime or a shootout, whatever it may be.

According to the head coaches interviewed, the solution would be to adopt the international pointage that gives three points for a regulation win, two for an overtime or shootout win, one for an overtime or shootout loss, and none for a regulation loss.