Heartbreaking update from Borje Salming's wife, Pia Salming.

Sad news from the Salming family.

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 1 year ago
Heartbreaking update from Borje Salming's wife, Pia Salming.
Borje Salming/Instagram

Toronto Maple Leafs legend Borje Salming has been all over the news as of late both due to his ongoing fight against ALS and also due to a number of well deserved honorifics that he has received over the course of the past few weeks.

Borje showed incredible courage and fortitude by appearing in public in spite of the fact that ALS has robbed him of his ability to speak and has left him with limited motor function as well. Borje made several public appearances both in North America and Europe recently ro accept a number of awards, but it was during his most recent appearance in his home country of Sweden that his wife, Pia Salming, shared some heartbreaking news.

While accepting an award on behalf of her husband, Pia made it clear that this would be the family's final public appearance.

"We're not doing this anymore," said a very emotional Pia Salming.

Quite understandably, she informed the crowd that they would now be focusing on spending time with family as Borje's struggles with ALS continue to progress rapidly while adding that Borje is also very tired. It was an announcement that brought everyone in attendance, including many legends of the National Hockey League, to tears. Although the announcement itself was made in Swedish, I highly encourage you to watch the video to witness the raw emotion in the room at that particular moment.

Peter Forsberg and Nicklas Lidstrom appeared to be particularly moved by the moment, understandable given that Salming paved the way for many, many Swedish players that would go on to create legacies of their own in the NHL.

Here is a look at the video:

On a final note, I would just like to add my admiration for Pia Salming. She has been a rock for her husband through this incredibly difficult time, what an incredible woman deserving of all the respect in the world.