Henrik Lundqvist may not be a New York Ranger for much longer.

Shocking comments from Lundqvist.

Henrik Lundqvist may not be a New York Ranger for much longer.

This one has left me completely stunned. 

When I think of the New York Rangers in the modern era of the National Hockey League there is always one name that comes to my mind before anyone else, Henrik Lundqvist. Lundqvist has been a staple of the Rangers for the better part of the last 15 years and has been incredibly loyal to the organization through both the good times and the bad. In fact as the Rangers headed towards their rebuild this season most of the Rangers' fans I spoke to were excited about the prospect but many of them expressed sadness that the veteran goaltender would not be getting a legitimate chance to win a Stanley Cup in the coming seasons. 

In spite of all that however Lundqvist has never given any indication that he has ever wanted to play anywhere other than in the city of New York and with the Rangers, at least that was the case until today. In a shocking turn of events Lundqvist recently spoke to Swedish media outlet Expressen in his native Swedish and openly admitted that he is no longer certain he will end his career as a member of the New York Rangers. 

This has been translated through the use of translation software, however there can be no doubt about the nature of Lundqvist's comments or what they mean for his future as a New York Ranger.

"I don't know if I will stay in Rangers throughout my career," said Lundqvist as per Expressen. "I have two years left on the contract and it has always been my goal to remain in Rangers. But when you get up in the years you never know. I have my own agenda, but if the club wants something else, I have to be sensitive to it. You can't just run your own race. It's not always the dream is realistic, we'll see how it gets."

This is nothing short of a shocking announcement and it indicates to me that Lundqvist would be very open to the idea of being traded to a team that could legitimately contend for a Stanley Cup. That being said I imagine that list of teams is a very short one, so whether or not a deal can get done and Lundqvist actually leaves the Rangers remains to be seen.