Hockey legend takes stand against marijuana legalization

People will react to what the Hall of Famer has to say!

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Some people never thought it’d be possible one day, but today marijuana is legal for recreational purposes in Canada and in 11 states and Washington, DC — including Illinois and Michigan, which legalized it in the past year. 

While nothing has been said on whether players across the National Hockey League are allowed to use marijuana during the season, one Hall of Famer took a strong stance on Friday when talking about marijuana legalization. 

On her Twitter account, Canadian hockey icon Hayley Wickenheiser took a stand on marijuana legalization, saying that couldn’t support legalizing Cannabis and vaping for people under age 25. 

“It will come back to haunt us as a society. It’s a mistake. We don’t know the effects on the young brain. Let’s focus on exercise and resiliency for our youth instead. That’s an issue.”

Wickenheiser, who got the call to the Hockey Hall of Fame in her first year of eligibility this year, retired in 2017 after 23 years on the national team and now works as the assistant director of player development for the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs.

What do you think about her stance of marijuana legalization and vaping? Do you agree with her concerns?