Hot girl appears to get caught cheating during Flames game!

When you mix hockey and adultery…

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Ladies have been under the spotlight on Hockey Feed for the past days and it’s only because female fans have gotten more passionate and vocal about their favourite team. They don’t mind catching the attention and being seen with the colours of their favourite clubs, no matter what sign they hold up during the games…

However, this gorgeous woman did not want to be seen and many fans speculated that it is because she was caught at a Calgary Flames game with another man. 

On Thursday night, the Flames defeated the Florida Panthers 6-5 in a wild affair and it seems like the two teams weren’t the only ones having one.. if you know what we mean ;). 

Check out this video posted on Instagram by NHL Chirps in which we see both the woman and her “friend” hiding their faces and moving away from another as the camera catches them in the stands. They clearly don’t want to be seen with one another. 


Something to hide?! 

A lot of gossip ensued from that post… and we think it’s hilarious!