Hurricanes Dman De Haan responds to fan who tagged him in a Leafs trade proposal

More proof that you can't hide online these days.

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Imagine being an NHL player in 2018-19. Sure, the fame, fortune and opportunities afforded you from playing a child’s game are nice, but you live under constant scrutiny from fans and media and your future is constantly being speculated upon online. Social media is everywhere these days and players must have a hard time unplugging and going through their normal day to day routine. Case in point: what happened yesterday with Carolina Hurricanes defensemen Calvin De Haan.

De Haan, who signed a four year, $18.2 million deal with the Hurricanes this past offseason, was tagged in a trade proposal from a Toronto Maple Leafs fan on Twitter yesterday and actually took the time to reply to the fan.

Check out this exchange. First the trade proposal:

And De Haan’s reply:

Fair question…

Another question is, “Why on Earth would the Leafs make this deal?” As good as De Haan is, his trade value is nowhere near William Nylander’s. Maybe even De Haan himself knows this is a raw deal for the Leafs and he just HAD to speak up himself?