Insane trade talk involving Carey Price in Montreal today.

Bonkers trade talk involving Carey Price.

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There is some absolutely bonkers trade talk around  Montreal Canadiens' goaltender Carey Price after comments made by Montreal Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin today.

While Bergevin did the exact opposite of saying that he would consider a trade involving his superstar goaltender, and was in fact "adamant" that he would not make any such deal according to Sportsnet's Eric Engels, many quickly drew parallels with the comments he made regarding the P.K. Subban rumors last summer. Of course we all know how the Subban rumors turned out in the end.

In fact the speculation surrounding such a trade got so huge, so quickly, that now many pundits are coming out and clarifying that there are no similarities between the Subban comments and the Price comments.

Of course there are very clear similarities Bergevin was adamant about not trading Subban, and he was traded in the end, although that certainly does not mean that a trade involving Carey Price is at all likely.