Insider reveals how much money Taylor Hall turned down to end up in Buffalo!

How could he?!

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Money rules the world and it’s certainly no different in the National Hockey League. TSN senior hockey writer Frank Seravalli dug a little deeper after coveted free agent forward Taylor Hall left the market to accept a one-year offer to join the Buffalo Sabres. Fans expected Hall to be looking to play for a contender, to get the chance to compete in the postseason and to hoist the Stanley Cup. 

Apparently, he couldn’t turn down the offer from the Sabres, which inked him to a one-year $8M deal. He will say it’s because he’s excited to play with Jack Eichel, but we all know that’s bull. He will also get to play for his former coach Ralph Krueger, but despite a powerful start in 2019-20, it all went downhill quickly for him and the Sabres… 

Seravalli revealed that Hall had the chance to play with Nathan MacKinnon in Colorado, but the Avalanche reportedly offered him a one-year contract, worth $4M. 

That was not effort for Hall, who clearly chose money over success. 

The Avalanche was not the only ones hoping to land Hall for the upcoming season as Seravalli explained that the Edmonton Oilers were also in the mix, offering him a one-year contract “south of $5M” in the $4.75M. 

Again, that was not enough, even if Hall would have gotten the opportunity to play with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. And yes, we believe the Oilers have a better shot at the next postseason than the Sabres do! We consider that those numbers are pretty good for a one-year contract during a season with a flattened salary cap. 


Teams were crunching numbers to get Hall on their roster and it’s clear that they would have had to move pieces to add him to their lineup. The Sabres got great talent in Hall, but we might not see him in action (once again) during the playoffs… 

Only time will tell.