Ironman Keith Yandle suggests insane playoff format twist!

Do you think this is the right way to go?

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The playoff format wasn't be a topic of conversation at the annual GM meetings in South Florida at the start of the month, however, it has nevertheless remained a hot topic across the league. 

“There’s some debate about how long the current divisional playoff format will last, and there were discussions on Friday between the NHL and the NHLPA about extending the current format for next season,” Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston reported on Saturday. “There still is an agreement in place, they’re going to speak again next week, and it does sound like that will probably be done on a one-year basis.”

While everyone has their idea of what the playoff format should be, ironman Keith Yandle has one crazy idea of what it could be. The Florida Panthers defenseman revealed his creative suggestion to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, who shared it with the public in his latest 31 Thoughts column on Sportsnet

“What I would like to see,”  Keith Yandle  said Monday, “is the No. 1 team pick its playoff opponent.”
Honestly, I asked him, could you see anyone actually agreeing to do this?
“Yeah, not really,” he smiled. “That’s tough.”
Then, he started trying to talk himself into it.
“The way the game is going, all the [advanced statistics], you could pick the team you match up best with. Better travel, everything.”
The “Selection Show” would be a ratings smash, for sure.

We cal all agree that the objective of the postseason should be to create maximum entertainment for fans and to offer the league’s best teams a shot at the title.

Do you believe Yandle's suggestion would offer this to fans and players?