J.T. Miller sounds off on trade speculation

Will the forward stay in his current location?

Michael Whitaker

While he's perfectly content to stay where he's currently play, Vancouver Canucks forward J.T. Miller understands the nature of the business and knows that it may not be in his hands. 

He reiterated his desire to remain playing with Vancouver during an appearance on “Dropping the Gloves” podcast on hockeyfights.com: 

“I’ve said from day one, I want to there, I want to be a part of this because I recognize everything you just said, when you do your predictions how this team has everything it needs, and I recognize that and I want to be there,” Miller said. “That being said, if it’s not meant to be, I understand that too. Trust me, I’d like to have a deal done in Vancouver and be there, but I have to respect everybody’s vision and if it doesn’t line up, it kind of is-what-it-is.”

Miller, who is entering the final year of his current deal, admitted that while contract negotiations haven't gone ideally, the fact that there's a new management group in the team makes them deserving of some slack. 

“We didn’t really find happy ground there. There’s just a lot going on. With Patrik and Jim, they haven’t been here long. They have a lot of hard decisions to make, and then they had the draft right away and then free agency. It’s been kind of a crazy thing,” Miller said.

“I think the coaching change and the atmosphere change was good for a lot of players,” Miller said. “Travis [Green] was great for our group, but I think that the fresh start really seemed to light a spark for Petey, especially because once Bruce [Boudreau] got there he was so good. He’s such a big part of our team, when he plays with that fire and really competes he’s the best player on the ice every single time, and I think he knows that.”