Jack Edwards under fire for controversial take on Svechnikov injury.

Edwards' take not being well received.

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On Saturday Carolina Hurricanes forward Andrei Svechnikov suffered what unfortunately looks like it might be a pretty serious injury during Game 3 of the first round series between the Canes and Boston Bruins. The injury was serious enough that the 20 year old Russian had to be carried off the ice by the Canes training staff and his teammates, and he appeared to be unable to put any weight under his injured leg. 

Here's a video replay of the injury, you can see that his leg twists in a rather unnatural way.

It was an unfortunate incident for the Hurricanes but it was by no means a dirty play by any stretch of the imagination, however the Hurricanes fan base has now been riled up as a result of comments made by veteran Bruins announcer Jack Edwards. Everyone who knows anything about hockey knows that Edwards is a notorious homer when it comes to the Bruins and for that reason his commentary is often taken with a grain of salt, however his comments on Saturday really appear to have struck a nerve.

Here's what Edwards wrote on social media:

"What NBC hasn’t shown yet, regarding the unfortunate injury to Svechnikov: the Carolina wing playing hobby-horse, riding Chara on the back apron of the goal," said Edwards. "You poke the bear, you take your chances. No one wanted to see Svechnikov hurt, but he bit off more than he could chew."

There were a few problems here for Edwards. The first is that some took this as Edwards suggesting that Svechnikov got what he deserved for harassing the Bruins big man Zdeno Chara, but the second was the fact that it was Sebastian Aho and not Svechnikov that had been involved in the incident that Edwards was referencing, causing fans and pundits alike to dogpile on him.

Several NHL reporters have come out to slam Edwards for this take:

Mark Lazerus of The Athletic:

Former NHL scout Grant McCagg:

TSN's Ray Ferraro called Edwards a "joke" and an "embarrassment."

The Hurricanes themselves also responded to Edwards:

This is not the first time that Edwards has landed himself in some hot water with one of his takes, and it certainly will not be the last either.