Jack Eichel’s condition has people talking!

Trade process has been impacted!


Jack Eichel is sick of waiting, but folks are wondering if he is hurt. That’s the important question, one that was put in serious doubt when a video became viral, earlier this week, in which we could see Eichel skating and ripping one-timers on the ice. 

The practice took place in Boston, seeing that Eichel is from Massachusetts, and has surely allowed some rival teams to take a better look at the Sabres’ captain. Eichel played his last game of the campaign for the league-worst Sabres on March 7 before being ruled out for the remainder due to his neck injury. Eichel wanted disc replacement surgery, with an artificial disc being placed in his neck. It promises a shorter rehab time, the potential for less loss of motion and far less potential for the necessity for future surgeries. But the Sabres’ doctors aren’t comfortable with a surgery that’s never been done on a hockey player before… 

A week ago, Eichel and his agents made a bold move, publishing an impactful statement on the trade process in Buffalo and saying more on his neck injury. It was recently revealed byTSN’s Bob McKenzie that the Eichel talks were “dead quiet” since the opening of free agency last week and Darren Dreger added that Eichel has now become the “forgotten superstar” on the market and that frustration level is increasing in his camp.

This might have prompted this video to get online and get people talking, however, the chatter has now gotten loud with fans and pundits wondering how bad is Eichel’s injury and what does it mean for a trade. 

Last week, it was reported that the Sabres had demanded for the Vegas Golden Knights to give Reilly Smith, Peyton Krebs, Nic Hague and a first-rounder in return for Eichel. It’s also rumoured that the Sabres would dare to ask the Montreal Canadiens for “Nick Suzuki, Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Alexander Romanov. And they don’t intend to settle for just one of those three players. They also ask for prospects and picks,” per RDS’ Francois Gagnon. 

Eichel is under contract through 2025-26 with a $10-million cap hit. We’ve heard rumours of many teams entering trade talks, not only the Golden Knights and Canadiens, but also the Minnesota Wild, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers… 

Sure, we can see him practicing and looking decent on the ice, but what does it mean for a trade and how are the Sabres reacting to all the chatter? How has it impact the process? 

We cannot wait to find out more!