Jake Virtanen finally responds to allegations of sexual misconduct

The Canucks forward files his official account of what happened.


In case you missed the shocking story earlier this offseason, Vancouver Canucks forward Jake Virtanen was accused of sexual misconduct from an unnamed women after an encounter in 2017. The Canucks subsequently placed Virtanen on indefinite leave.

According to Vancouver’s Glacier Media, the lawsuit alleges “the actions of Virtanen were reckless, arrogant, high-handed, abusive and show a callous disregard for the wishes of the plaintiff.”

According to the claim, Virtanen and the woman agreed to meet for a date, but Virtanen allegedly instead drove her to a Vancouver hotel where he was staying.

The civil claim alleges when they entered the room, “Virtanen came up behind the plaintiff and began kissing her neck and putting his hands all over her body. The plaintiff allegedly shrugged Virtanen off.”

The civil claim alleges Virtanen “became more persistent in his attempt to have sex with the plaintiff.”

The woman claims in her court filings that she told Virtanen “no.”

“Given Virtanen’s height, body weight and superior strength, the plaintiff was powerless and was unable to force Virtanen off of her,” the documents allege. “Virtanen proceeded to push open the plaintiff’s legs and to have sexual intercourse with the plaintiff without the plaintiff’s consent.”

“I couldn’t believe that I said no and he didn’t take that for an answer,” she says. “I felt violated and gross and wanted to leave.”

None of these allegations have been proven in court and only now has Virtanen offered any kind of insight into his take on the allegations. In court documents obtained by the aforementioned Glacier Media, Virtanen states that he and the alleged victim engaged in “consensual sexual intercourse.”

In other words, Virtanen denies the allegations “about what happened that evening,” and added that “he did not physically force the plaintiff to have intercourse with him.”

In his official police response, Virtanen is stated as saying that he “denies that the plaintiff expressed any indication, verbal or physical, that she did not want to engage in any sexual activity.” He added that, “the plaintiff, through her words and conduct indicated that she consented to the sexual activity that occurred.”

It's important to note that neither side has been founds innocent or guilt in court and that Vancouver Police are still investigating the alleged incident. In the meantime, the Canucks themselves have an ongoing investigation and have kept Virtanen on leave indefinitely.