Jaromir Jagr shares hilarious picture from his COVID lockdown.

Jagr is not enjoying the lockdown.

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Even though he no longer plays in the National Hockey League Jaromir Jagr is the gift that just keeps on giving, and something tells me that this man will remain a fan favorite long after all of those of us who were lucky enough to see him play have gone. 

Although Jagr has not played in the NHL for two consecutive seasons now, he continues his career in the Czech league as a member of Kladano, a team that he has an ownership stake in. Unfortunately for Jagr though he has not been on the ice this season as a result of the lockdowns that have paralyzed the sports world, and in fact it looks like he may have been cooped up inside for a little too long during those lockdowns. 

This week Jagr published a picture on his instagram account that was accompanied with a caption at the bottom that simply read "covidfoto." Now I admit I an inferring a little bit here, but I think that what Jagr was trying to portray here was that he has been transformed into something more akin to a caveman as a result of being trapped inside. In fact Jagr also added the words "Stone Age" in a comment on his post, which indicates to me that the caveman look is exactly what he was going for here. 

Although he does his best to look scruffy and disheveled, there's little denying the fact that Jagr is still an incredibly good looking man in this current state, made all the more true when you consider that the ageless wonder is already 48 years old and will turn 49 in February. 

Here's the picture: