Jimmy Fallon betrayed his beloved Rangers on Tuesday night!

How will the popular host get out of this one?

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Jimmy Fallon is a die-hard fan of the New York Rangers, as he often attends games and ends up on the Jumbo Tron. He always catches the attention of the many fans at the Madison Square Garden, and he did once again on Tuesday night as the Blue Shirts hosted the Philadelphia Flyers. 

In a proud manner, the Rangers posted a video of a hyped Fallon, sporting sunglasses and a hoodie, sitting in the stands. The popular host gets all worked up and starts dancing and cheering on his beloved Rangers, as Fallon was tagged on the team's Twitter page. 

Moments later however, the Flyers revealed that Fallon has betrayed his beloved team. Indeed, the Flyers responded to the Rangers' tweet with a picture of Fallon taken before the game. Fallon can be seen with the Flyers' mascot Gritty, holding a t-shirt of the furry friend. 

The Flyers also used the emoji of the thinking pose, wondering if Fallon is truly a Rangers fan after all...

We are pretty sure Fallon will have something to sat about this, but for now, he is just enjoying the game at the Garden! We are always up for a good rivalry!