Joe Thornton has found a way to play in Switzerland during NHL shutdown

​No one was this one coming!

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San Jose Sharks veteran forward Joe Thornton may be playing goalie with his kids during the NHL shutdown due to the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about serious business. 

The 40-year-old, who says he has a lot more years in his to play his favourite game, has revealed that he has a Swiss passport and could decide to play there if the action does not resume in the NHL anytime soon and could become a member of a team in Switzerland without counting against the limit of import players. 

We are not suggesting this will happen, but it is a great option for the veteran player. 

However, he has mentioned more than once he is set on pursuing his career in the NHL for as long as he can. He collected a total of 31 points this season and hasn’t missed a single game.

Hopefully once this coronavirus outbreaks calms down, we will get to see Thornton play out the final 12 regular season games, at the very least.