Jokinen’s wife calls out Panthers’ embarrassing display case “honouring” her husband

You have to agree: this is pathetic!

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Olli Jokinen was loved as a member of the Panthers and that’s probably why the team decided to put together a display case to honour the forward who spent seven seasons in Florida. 

Last February, when the Panthers celebrated their 25th anniversary, the former captain dropped the ceremonial first puck and it was easy to see how beloved Olli is in Florida. 

However, his wife Katerina wasn’t pleased to see the team’s display case honouring her husband. 

On Tuesday night, Katerina posted a picture of the display case and asked a brutal question: is this the best you could do ?

She then went on to say that it was embarrassing seeing that her husband had never played in the uniform they put up and compared their display to the other one she appreciates clearly way more. 

Check it out: 

We wonder how the Panthers will react to this. They will hopefully upgrade the display for one that truly reflects the work and passion of Jokinen.