K'Andre Miller's agent comes to the defense of Tony DeAngelo!

A classy move from Miller.


It has no doubt been a rough day to be New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo but although his name is currently being dragged through the mud, it would appear as though at least some of his Rangers teammates still have his back.

Among the stories coming out about DeAngelo today was a rumor that his treatment of New York Rangers rookie K'Andre Miller had raised concerns in the Rangers organization. That rumor came courtesy of Adam Herman of Blue Shirts Banter, a vocal critic  DeAngelo, who cited 3 independent sources in his report on the matter. 

Herman was only able to provide one example of this behavior. According to a source DeAngelo had claimed the puck for Miller's first goal in the NHL and kept it for himself, a story that would now appear to be nothing short of a complete fabrication. 

New information from ESPN's Greg Wyshynski would appear to throw every single part of this rumor into question, with Miller himself seemingly playing a role in defending DeAngelo here. Not only does it look like DeAngelo was mischaracterized as a bad guy here but according to Miller's agent Ian Pulver, DeAngelo actually was being a good teammate by getting the puck to hand it over to the training staff.

"It’s K’Andre’s understanding that the NYR equipment manager, or whoever is responsible for getting it, has the puck and that it’s being framed like other first goals," said Pulver as per ESPN. "At no time did he think otherwise."

Wyshynski also adds that a Rangers source has also refuted the report regarding Miller's first goal, and by all accounts DeAngelo's decision to deliver the puck to the training staff, who then send the puck out for framing, was rather routine. 

Wyshynski also asked a Rangers source about the relationship between Miller and DeAngelo and there was no talk of mistreatment, instead the relationship was described as a perfectly normal one between teammates. 

It's hard to imagine 3 sources could have gotten things so wrong, and given the clear tone of the accusations that were made against DeAngelo in this report I wonder if that is actually what has happened here. Wyshynski claims that there has been a lot of pushback regarding this report, and given the implication behind the accusations that were made I can certainly understand why.