Kane calls out NHL officials for non-penalty on Chara headshot

The Sharks power forward is NOT happy!

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In case you missed it, San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane and Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara went at it in Boston last night after Chara absolutely LEVELLED Kane with a heavy hit.

Here’s the entire sequence, including the hit and the fight:

Chara hits Kane right on the button and it’s clear that Kane is unhappy. In Kane’s defense, it looks like Chara’s shoulder hits Kane on the chin. On the other hand… Chara is 100 feet tall… what do you expect?

NHL Player Safety reviewed the hit and determined that no supplemental discipline would be necessary for Chara.

That explanation though, evidently, was not good enough for Kane who took to social media to voice his displeasure with a simple gif: