Keith Kinkaid scores on himself after being demoted to the AHL.

Things just keep getting worse.

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Things appear to be falling apart this season for veteran goaltender Keith Kinkaid and, although no one really knows what is going on inside his head, it is now starting to look like his struggles this season may also be starting to impact him mentally as well. 

Kinkaid started the season with the Montreal Canadiens organization as a backup for star goaltender Carey Price, but that situation would not last for very long. Kinkaid struggled badly in front of the Habs net, appearing in just 6 games during the 2019 - 2020 NHL regular season and recording a 4.24 goals against average and an .875 save percentage. Those kind of numbers simply do not translate to keeping your job at the NHL level and Kinkaid was quickly demoted down to the American Hockey League. Instead of serving as a wakeup call to help him get his game back on track however, Kinkaid has continued to struggle with the Laval Rocket, the Habs AHL affiliate team.

Kinkaid has now appeared in 10 AHL games this season and his numbers thus far are not much better. Through those 10 games Kinkaid has recorded a 3.19 goals against average and an .882 save percentage, again not the kind of numbers that are going to result in you getting called back up to the main team. It was Kinkaid's most recent fumble however that has left fans truly shaking their heads in disbelief in just how poorly Kinkaid has played this season, and unfortunately for the veteran goalie it really does come off like the cherry on top of a disastrous sundae. 

During a recent game against the Rochester Americans, Kinkaid pulled off what has to be one of the biggest fails of his professional career, and no doubt what will go down one of the biggest fails of 2020. Kinkaid made the mistake of trying to play the puck, something we have all seen many goaltenders do over the years, although this time around it was a rather spectacular fail on his part. Kinkaid looked like he was trying to fire the puck off down the ice, in spite of the fact that he had a teammate right in front of him, but instead only managed to strike his own teammate, causing the puck to bounce back into the net and effectively scoring on himself. 

Of course the Rochester Americans were kind enough to share the lowlight with all of us.