Kesler absolutely tees off on fans online

Priceless! One of the best chirpers on and off the ice.

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If you’re not following Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Kesler on Twitter, honestly what are you doing with your life?

The former Vancouver Canucks forward and now semi-retired Ducks star seems to have transitioned into his post-playing days lately despite not officially retiring. The 35 year old hasn’t played since 2018-19 after suffering a series of debilitating hip injuries. At this point it’s probably safe to say that Kesler won’t be suiting up for the Ducks anytime soon. This goose (Duck) is cooked.

So… what’s he been doing? Roasting fools online, of course.

You may recall that Kesler Tweeted out a gruesome photo of his hip surgery earlier this Spring, triggering hockey fans everywhere.

Remember this lovely pic?

Yuck. Thanks for that, Kes.

Nowadays though, Kesler is taking fans to task on Twitter and is doing so with the NHL-level chirps that you would expect from one of the league’s biggest loudmouths.

Kesler invited fans to essentially chirp him online and boy oh boy did he fire back.

Check it out:

Alright, there's the invitation... so whatcha got, Kes?

Damn, dude! The guy was just asking you what's next in your career and thanking you for being a good Canuck... and what do you do? Call his face an ass, crack? Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning...

Oh wait, Kesler actually addresses that

Check it out:

Hahaha! Kes is FIRED up!

Keep it comin', baby:

Kesler dunking on Oilers fans. You love to see it.

Finally, the Tweet that triggered every Edmontonian on Twitter. With TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie reporting that Edmonton and Toronto have been chosen as the NHL's two hub cities, Kesler throws some shade on the city of Edmonton.

Check it out:

Hey now... Northern Alberta is LOVELY this time of year! Having said that, it simply doesn't have the appeal of a major international city like Toronto, especially if you're a multi-millionaire athlete with nothing but money. I mean... if you're a young, rich athlete where would you rather be quarantined for 2-3 months? I love you, Edmonton but if you think that NHLers would rather be in your city over Toronto, I've got bad news for you, bud.