Kevin Bieksa shares hilarious story involving John Tortorella and a toilet flush

Injured Canucks defenseman Ryan Stanton drew the legendary wrath of John Tortorella...for flushing a toilet.


It's certainly no secret that the marriage between the Vancouver Canucks and hard-nosed head coach John Tortorella wasn't exactly a match made in hockey heaven. Controversial decisions involving goaltenders, an attempted break-in of an opposition dressing room, and declaring Twitter usage verboten by his players were only a handful of things that led to his dismissal after just one season on the job. 

During an appearance on Halford & Brough on SN650, former Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa shared a story that you just can't help but laugh at. Defenseman Ryan Stanton drew the legendary wrath of Tortorella for accidentally triggering the automatic flush sensor of a nearby toilet, interrupting a team meeting.

"It was very entertaining," Bieksa said of Tortorella's season with the Canucks. "We would stop bringing our kids to the rink sometimes when we knew it'd be bad. I remember one time that Henrik's son used the washroom, we had those automatic sensors on the urinals. Just about a week before, he's talking and the automatic sensor goes off. Torts stops mid-meeting and was fuming, and goes running back there. We were like "Oh my god who is it?" and it was Ryan Stanton. He was injured at the time, but he was in the washroom on the toilet at the time, taking a No. 2, and he said he was sitting there for 15 minutes and didn't want to get up because the automatic sensor would go off."

"Torts goes back there and lights him up, and we're all dying of laughter in the room. And hone like a week later, same thing. We're in a meeting and the urinal goes off. Torts goes flying back there again, and it was Henrik Sedin's son Walter. He was like only eight at the time. And Torts comes in firing and it's the kid using the urinal, and Torts is like 'Oh, sorry! Sorry!" 

Of course, Tortorella would be given his walking papers by the Canucks after completing just one year of the five-year contract he signed. He's since enjoyed some successes with the Columbus Blue Jackets. But the stories will certainly live on forever in the minds of every Canucks player from the 2013-14 campaign.

"It was an entertaining year," Bieksa said. "We were on eggshells sometimes, but other times, it was entertaining to just sit back and watch."