Kings fire mascot Bailey!

It’s over!

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This just in : the Los Angeles Kings have terminated Tim Smith, the Kings employee who wears the “Bailey” lion mascot costume at games following an internal investigation, a source told The Athletic.

The investigation followed a civil lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, first reported by TMZ. It reported that one of the Kings’ “ice girls” filed a lawsuit against Smith, senior manager of game presentation and events, and the Kings organization. 

Smith, in addition to portraying Bailey, was also responsible for managing the team’s Ice Crew and could reportedly hire and fire women at will. The lawsuit alleges that Smith, “created a terrible environment for female employees—constantly cracking lewd jokes, making inappropriate sexual comments and would leer at her ‘breasts and buttocks.’”

The Kings employee who filed the lawsuit is known only as Jane Doe and she alleges that Smith fired her when she said she did not appreciate his advances and comments. She returned to the team after aKings official promised that she would be kept away from Smith. Instead, Doe alleges Smith continued to harass her and “put his crotch in her face in the mascot locker room while making lewd comments and thrusting his hips.” She then quit on her own accord and filed this lawsuit. Doe then sued Smith, the Kings and their ownership group AEG, seeking more that $1 million USD in damages.

This is the statement from the Kings following the announcement: "We are not in a position to provide further details or comments on this matter due to pending litigation."

We’re glad he is out of there. 

We now wonder who will replace Smith, who will be the next Bailey?