Kings showed the Dodgers some love last night.

How do the LA Kings celebrate Dodgers pride day

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How do the LA Kings celebrate Dodgers pride night at the Staples Center? They wear some amazing Dodgers themed jerseys during the warm up that all the players signed and then will auction off for charity.

Quite a nice sign of respect by the Kings. Most of the Kings players often go to Dodgers games so now they can rock their awesome new jerseys in support of their favorite baseball team. I think it's safe to say that these jerseys are going to fly off the shelf when and if made available for the fans to buy. The are definitely sweet and any fan of the Kings and Dodgers would love to get their hands on them. Especially if you can customize them and put Dodgers players names and numbers on them.

Here is a video of the Kings coming on the ice wearing those beauty jerseys:

Photo Credit: Kings twitter account