Krug burns poor teammate Brad Marchand on social media!

​Tough love!

Krug burns poor teammate Brad Marchand on social media!

There is no mercy between Boston Bruins teammates Torey Krug and Brad Marchand, even when the latter is struggling on the ice. 

As you may remember, Marchand made headlines on Monday night when he over skated the puck in a shootout and cost his team the win. On Thursday night, the pest got a chance on the penalty kill as the Pittsburgh Penguins turned the puck over. Marchand headed towards Tristan Jarry but it was time to shoot the puck, he once again mishandled it and missed the chance to score on the PK.

On Friday morning, Marchand actually took to Twitter to make fun of himself and his lost hands with the following tweet:

“ATTENTION…hands have been lost or stolen, if found please return to TD Garden…thanks”

That’s when Krug stepped in with some tough love and mocked Marchand even more with his hilarious reply. 

These two are always getting mixed up with some funny antics and fans love that they get to see it take place off the ice. 

Let’s hope this lightens up the mood for Marchand, who could find his hands again.