Kypreos: Kyle [Dubas] loves Matt Murray.

Kypreos adds fuel to the fire.

Kypreos: Kyle [Dubas] loves Matt Murray.

Following a disappointing exit for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs there have been 2 big rumors surrounding the team. The first is the suggestion that the Leafs will look to move on from goaltender Frederik Andersen who has been maligned at times for his performances in the playoffs, and the other rumor comes from the other side of that coin and surrounds which goaltender the Leafs will replace him with.

The one name that has consistently been coming up has been that of 2 time Stanley Cup champion Matt Murray who currently plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins. On Monday Murray's name came up once again when National Hockey League insider Nick Kypreos commented on the future of the Leafs goaltending position. Kypreos tossed jet fuel onto the fire of those rumors when he went so far as to suggest that he believes there may even be a deal in place already between Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas and Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford.

"Kyle loves Matt Murray and it would not surprise me at all that in the [Kasperi] Kapanen trade that the discussion about Matt Murray was there and it is on hold until I can get rid of my $5 million dollar headache," saids Kypreos on Kyper at Noon.

Kypreos is of course referring to Andersen when he refers to the $5 million dollar headache and the implication there is that the deal for Murray would be conditional to the Leafs finding a suitor for Andersen. There are a number of factors that have caused Matt Murray's name to keep coming up in connection with the Leafs and a number of factors why this deal would make sense for both sides. 

The first factor was referenced by Kypreos in his comments. Leafs GM Kyle Dubas and Matt Murray go back to their days with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds so there's a well established connection between the two men. There's also the matter that a trade of Matt Murray to Toronto would almost certainly result in cap savings for both teams.

The Penguins also have goaltender Tristan Jarry on their roster and Jim Rutherford has openly alluded to the fact that he will likely move one of his goaltenders in the offseason. The Penguins would get something back for Murray while moving his contract off the books, and in Murray the Leafs would inherit the rights to a restricted free agent that is expected to sign for a lower number than what Andersen is currently making. The Penguins would recoup some assets from the Leafs of course but the Leafs would be able to do that as well if they manage to move Andersen in a deal of their own. 

Do you like the idea of Kyle Dubas bringing in Matt Murray to replace Frederik Andersen? Would you prefer to see the Leafs go in another direction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.