Large number of fans duped by announcement of huge but fake trade today.

A number of fans got their hopes up for nothing.

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I'm sure in hindsight fans will be asking themselves how in the world they were fooled by what should have looked like an obvious fake, but given the circumstances we can somewhat sympathize with those who were fooled.

On Wednesday a report from what appeared to be ESPN insider Pierre LeBrun announced that a trade had been made between Ottawa Senators and the Colorado Avalanche, a blockbuster trade at that. 

According to the report, the Colorado Avalanche were sending star forward Matt Duchene to Ottawa with the Senators giving up a King's ransom that included Colin White, Cody Ceci and Curtis Lazar as well as their 2017 first round draft pick. 

However LeBrun, who's online handle used to be "RealESPBLeBrun," was one of the many layoffs from ESPN today and as a result changed his online handle to "PierreVLeBrun." One of the many accounts that attempt to impersonate the insider jumped on his former handle in an effort to lend more credibility to his fake reports.