Leafs and Flames share helmet sponsor for 2021 season

At least the logo fits with both these teams.


Both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Calgary Flames have announced a partnership with Scotiabank and will wear the Scotiabank logo on their helmets for the upcoming 2021 season.

Check it out:

Honestly... it's not THAT bad. I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely HATED the idea of advertising on helmets as I believe it leads us down the path of having NHL jerseys look like a NASCAR... but this... this I can live with. The Scotiabank logo blends in nicely with the Flames' and the Leafs' colour schemes and they're not distracting at all. In fact, I'd love if all advertisements in the NHL looked like this. Imagine the ads on the ice or the sideboards looking as subtle as this. Kudos to Scotiabank, the Leafs and the Flames for pulling this off with grace.