Lehner trolls Darren Dreger for reporting false Hawks trade

​This is hilarious coming from the goalie!

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On Friday, there were talks that the Chicago Blackhawks were looking to acquire the rights to young goalie Ilya Sorokin from the New York Islanders. 

Talks intensified quickly for TSN’s Darren Dreger who eventually confirmed the trade and announced it on social media. Moments later, the insider retracted the trade and admitted it was his mistake. 

Hawks fans were quite upset about it, seeing that Sorokin is the best net minder not playing in the NHL at the moment, but soon had fun with his mistake. 

That’s because Hawks goalie Robin Lehner, whose name has been circulating in trade circles ahead of the deadline, trolled the insider on social media. 

We just love to see that despite feeling the pressure ahead of the trade deadline, a player like Lehner can have some fun and poke fun at the men who could report his trade out of Chicago.