Lightning owner Jeff Vinik gives his employees an incredible gift during Game 6.

A wonderful gesture.

Jonathan Larivee

As fans of the sport of hockey we often like to brag that we have the very best athletes in the world of professional sports, and that is something that I will stand by. As it turns out though we may also have one of the very best owners in the world of professional sports, and that owner is Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik.

Since taking over as owner of the Lightning in 2010, Vinik has built a sterling reputation for himself as a model owner in the National Hockey League both for his success on the ice and for the way he conducts himself in and around the game of hockey. On Sunday night, Vinik provided yet another example of why he is so well respected by giving his employees an incredible gift as the Lightning hosted Game 6 at Amalie Arena.

Vinik, with absolutely no prompting, decided to give every single one of his full time employees $5,000 to give to any charity that they deem fit. Not only is the move an incredibly generous gesture on the part of Vinnik, but it is one that will benefit the Tampa Bay area at large with all of that money going to a good cause.

Now you might be thinking that Vinik only has a few employees under his umbrella, but in reality the amount of money donated totaled to a whopping $1.2 million.