Lights go out at TD Garden mid shot on goal

Who turned out the lights!?!? Rigged!!!!

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We know star goalie Tuukka Rask can pretty much do it all in Boston, however, making incredible saves while all lights are out… that might be too much of a challenge. 

Why do we put that twist on the table? Well, that’s what the Bruins had to put up with last night during the first period of the game against the Florida Panthers. 

As the Panthers were on the power-play at the start of the second, the lights went completely out on the play. The Bruins were frantic on the penalty kill and then, nothing could be seen. Panthers forward Mike Hoffman was about to shoot the puck.

It took a while for players to stop moving and playing, which could have been quite dangerous on the ice when you have to clue where the puck is going. 

Check it out: 

Who turned out the lights? Was the game rigged? The Bruins ended up taking a four-goal lead before the Panthers managed to tie things up late in the third period. That was four unanswered goals that sent the game to overtime. 

Shootout was necessary and the Panthers ended up winning this one 5-4. We’re the lights out from the third period onwards, Bruins?!