Line brawl, Tom Wilson injury, Buchnevich game ejection, Oshie hat trick and all the craziness from last night's game between Rangers and Capitals

If you missed it... you missed one hell of a hockey game!


If you missed last night's blood feud rematch between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals, well you missed one Hell of a hockey game!

The game started off with a bang as six combatants dropped their gloves on the opening faceoff to kick things off.

Check it out:

Public Enemy #1 Capitals forward Tom Wilson would have to wait another 40 seconds for his comeuppance though as Rangers defender Brendan Smith grabbed him just moments into his first shift of the game.

Check it out:

Wilson handles himself just fine, but he did leave the game later on due to an upper body injury. No word yet on exactly how Wilson suffered the injury or the severity of the injury.

From there things got even chippier with multiple more fights on the evening. At one point it was standing room only in the penalty boxes at MSG:

Finally things got really ugly and truly ironic when Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich was tossed from the game for cross checking Capitals forward Anthony Mantha in the face.

Check it out:

Yikes... that is some ugly, UGLY stuff. The real irony is that Buchnevich is likely looking at a suspension for this infraction. Maybe he can call up Wilson for some advice on how to handle the call from NHL Player Safety?

Oh... and if that wasn't enough for you. Capitals forward T.J. Oshie scored a hat trick in his first game back since his father's death earlier this week:

I mean... what a hockey game!