Little boys “Gritty” costume is the cutest thing you're ever going to see.

That is amazing.

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I have to admit that when the Philadelphia Flyers' organization announced their new mascot, a hideous black and orange monstrosity known only as "Gritty," I was not really sold on the idea. I thought it looked pretty bad if I'm being perfectly honest and I believed it would only serve to make a mockery of the Flyers. 

That being said though it may have only taken one die hard hockey mom to open my eyes to the fact that it's really not about older hockey fans like myself by about the next generation of young hockey fans that are yet to come. In fact she did such a good job that she may have actually warmed me up to the largely disgusting looking Flyers' mascot. 

A woman by the name of Valerie Sherk, who is quite clearly quite the hardcore Flyers' fan, was brainstorming some Halloween costume ideas when she had a sudden inspiration. Now if you ask me she may simply have been attempting to recover from the shock of how ugly "Gritty" turned out to be she says she absolutely loves him. Valerie also just so happens to have a friend who just had a young baby and so she presented her friend, Elizabeth Musselman, with the idea of creating a costume for 4 month old baby Conor. 

Based on the way things turned out I think it's more than safe to say that whatever Sherk pitched to Mussleman was more than enough to catch her attention. Conor's mom was more than game and the two women set out to designing and creating the new outfit for baby Conor. It took the women a lot of work to get it done, at least by their own accounts.

“A lot of orange yarn, a couple hot glue burns and 3 hours later,” she said as per NBC Philly, the costume was finished -- complete with googly eyes, an abundance of fur, and tiny black ice skates.

I have to admit that baby Conor looks absolutely adorable in that outfit and it's so cute in fact that I fully expect this could start a bit of a trend among the Flyers fan base.