Longtime NHL GM Jim Rutherford plans his next move

Jimmy's getting back in the game!


Today, less than 24 hours after the Pittsburgh Penguins have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, former Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford announced that he was hired sports management company PBI Sports and is seeking "NHL management opportunities". More accurately, PBI Sports made the announcement that they'll be representing Rutherford in his search for a new NHL GM job.

Check it out:

The old dog isn't done learning new tricks just yet!

Rutherford, the 72 year old Hall of Famer, abruptly resigned from his GM position with the Penguins earlier this season reportedly due to a disagreement with ownership concerning the direction of the team. It's been reported that Rutherford was bullish on shipping out veteran Kris Letang and that he was rebuffed by Penguins owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle. These reports, however, have never been confirmed by either party. In any case, Jimmy is single now and, by all accounts, he's ready to mingle!

He may be 72 years old, but this is a man who rebuilt the Penguins on the fly in his mid-60's and managed to deliver an additional two Stanley Cups to the franchise's totals. In other words: He's still got it.